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  • Community: Join a thriving community of like-minded authors and entrepreneurs who support and inspire each other.

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Jim Hetherington, a renowned Life and Business Breakthrough Specialist, dedicates himself to empowering individuals and partners to achieve unparalleled success in life and business.

Celebrating a 41-year marriage with his wife Mary, Jim relishes traveling and embarking on new adventures. His 34-year journey as a mentor, 30 years as an entrepreneur and business owner, and 23 years as a pastor uniquely qualify him to address a broad spectrum of relationship topics.

Nationally and internationally, organizations frequently invite Jim to share his insights. As a five-time author, major networks like NBC, ABC, and Fox have spotlighted his expertise.

Jim passionately advocates for the possibility of attaining success both in professional and personal realms, including business careers and romantic relationships. He doesn't believe in choosing one over the other but rather achieving success in both. Jim guides individuals through a comprehensive journey encompassing four critical areas: relationships, physical wellness, business/career development, and spiritual growth.

Through his books, webinars, seminars, training programs, group sessions, and personalized coaching, Jim teaches how to attain and sustain balance across these vital life areas. Additionally, as an author, speaker, mentor, and publisher, he actively supports entrepreneurs in their journey towards successful authorship.




Jim Hetherington

Relationships fundamentally shape our lives, from forming family ties to engaging in professional dealings. Even mundane activities, such as ordering at a cafe, require using interpersonal skills. These situations demand respect and likability.

As children, we quickly grasp the benefits of pleasantness and politeness in satisfying our needs. However, formal education largely neglects the teaching of advanced relationship skills. Whether in love or work, we often resort to learning by experience. This gap is especially evident in business, where academic qualifications only sometimes include the interpersonal skills crucial for effective teamwork.

For entrepreneurs, mastering relationship management is not merely beneficial but critical. It often distinguishes between success and failure. Many entrepreneurs instinctively handle their relationships, but the effectiveness of this approach can differ significantly. Entrepreneurs should actively develop the relationship skills essential for both business success and personal fulfillment rather than leaving them to chance.

A mentor acts as a guide towards success, seeing and nurturing abilities in you that you may not even recognize, skillfully drawing them out to set you on a path to more extraordinary achievements.

Jim has Been Mentored by Some of

The World's Leading Influencers.

Brian Tracy

Les Brown

Bob Proctor



The  Ultimate Guide To

Building Your Relationship

Jim has received multiple awards for his #1 best selling book. You can own this book for building a good and healthy relationship.


The  Ultimate Guide For Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

This book offers practical advice for daily routines to better manage your time and emotions, which is crucial for personal and professional success. It also demystifies common misconceptions about love, emphasizing its significance in all facets of life, especially for business professionals. Understand the true impact of love on success and well-being, and integrate these insights into your everyday practice.


The  Best Wedding Present for Any Couple

Building lasting relationships can be challenging, so we produced this anthology. We've gathered the best marriage and relationship advice from individuals and couples who have experienced the challenges. Read what they have to say and the practical wisdom they offer.

See What Others 

Just Like You

Say About Jim

" Helped me see relationships in a whole new way"

Jim provided invaluable advice and insights on marriage that I had not previously considered.

His mentoring helped me better prepare to embark on a lifelong

journey together with my partner.

I was surprised that no one else in my life had challenged me

to do this kind of inward reflection on the importance of

communication and mutual respect in a relationship.

– Aaron And Jessica

"I wish I knew these things when I was younger"

Anyone who has the privilege of working with Jim or listening to his teaching will be encouraged.

 He highlighted the need for discussion around topics that aren’t communicated openly. 

It really put us in the right frame of mind and gave us a good foundation to build on moving forward in our marriage. 

Thanks for your guidance Jim.

– Trevor And Rebekah

"We have new confidence now that we've worked with Jim"

Hey, we are really excited to enter into this new chapter in our life. We wanted someone that could help us out in our new journey so, we got a hold of Jim and we are glad we did. He Helped us with topics like frustrations, finances and future goals. We enjoyed our time working with Jim and  we feel more confident getting married and building our life together.

We really recommend working with Jim.

– Sam And Karla


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Join us in sharing your marriage insights to inspire and support fellow couples on their journey. Your Relationship Roadmap seeks your stories of struggles and successes, guiding others toward more vital unions. Contribute to our next volume and help build a roadmap for lasting love.

Calling all entrepreneurs! Do you have a powerful story that could inspire others on their entrepreneurial journey? We've all faced setbacks and made mistakes, but it's through these challenges that we learn and grow. Join us in this co-authored book, where we're seeking stories that will uplift, educate, and empower fellow entrepreneurs. Your experiences could be the beacon of hope someone needs to keep pushing forward. Success is within reach, and together, we can light the path for others.

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Unlock the power of your story with a partnership that brings your words to life. Whether you're aspiring to contribute to a co-authored book or ready to publish your own masterpiece, let's connect and explore how we can illuminate your thoughts in print. Together, we'll navigate the journey of writing and publishing, transforming your ideas into a legacy. Reach out today and discover the pathway to sharing your voice with the world.

Schedule your call today to explore the many publishing opportunities awaiting you. Let's journey together to turn your unique story into a published reality.

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with Jim

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Jim actively shares his expertise with audiences worldwide, ranging from intimate groups to large assemblies.

He frequently speaks to corporate and business audiences, emphasizing the importance of achieving success in life & business.

Jim inspires his listeners, believing they can achieve career and business success while maintaining thriving relationships in all aspects of life.

He challenges the notion of choosing between professional achievements and personal fulfillment.

Additionally, Jim has shared stages with some of today's most influential figures, bringing his valuable insights to diverse and expansive forums.

Shared Stage With...

Rey Perez

#1 Global Branding Expert. CEO & Founder of Multimedia Marketing & Event Promotions Company, AMP Productions

Jack Canfield

American author, motivational speaker, corporate trainer, and entrepreneur

Kevin Harrington

American entrepreneur and business executive.

The original " Shark"

from Shark Tank

And Many More....

Book Jim To 

Speak At Your Next Event.

Jim will energize your audience, whether a small group or a vast assembly, with his expertly tailored talks to resonate with young

and old alike.

He offers engaging sessions ranging from brief discussions to full-day events and infuses these gatherings with innovative insights and practical tools designed to strengthen and invigorate.

Businesses and corporations can rely on Jim's commitment to understanding your market. He crafts talks that inspire your team and ignite a drive to achieve new heights in their personal and

professional lives.

With Jim's dynamic presence and expertise, your event will surely be a transformative experience that participants will remember and value.

Don't miss the opportunity to have Jim Hetherington speak at your event – a decision that promises lasting impact

and motivation!

“Jim is a relationship coach

and an amazing speaker and individual. 
He has shared stages with me

and has spoken at my events.

I highly recommend working with him. 
He will help you and your group

get into the best relationships

at every level.” 

Cora Cristobal 

Founder of The Toronto Women's Club

– Cora Cristobal Founder of

The Toronto Women's Club





A Day of Mastery

with Jim $4,000

Step into a transformative experience with Jim, your guide to mastering the intricacies of both personal and business relationships. For one exclusive day, embark on a custom-made journey tailored to your unique aspirations. Whether seeking to deepen connections, strategically advance your business, or pinpoint your next big move, Jim's - Day of Mastery - offers the insight and direction you need. Together, you'll explore and strategize, ensuring that every aspect of your life and business aligns with your vision of success.

Take advantage of this opportunity to turn a single day into a milestone of achievement. Book your day with Jim now and redefine what's possible in your relationships, business, and beyond.

Don't wait to take this pivotal step—find out if this personalized experience is the key to unlocking your next level of achievement.

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