Let's Connect

Let's Connect

I Love Hearing From You

Our team gets hundreds of emails, notes and requests for different opportunities every day.

And yes, my team members and I DO read every single email that comes through.

Below are the different ways to get in contact with me.

I get so many “can I have 10 minutes to pick your brain” or “can you answer a few questions for my blog round up post” type requests that I wouldn’t be able to get anything done if I went through and responded to them all. Thank you for being understanding!

I do my best to share my insight and the things I’ve learned on this blog.

Most of what I have done has been taught here or there, so please do your research first and make sure you aren’t asking something I’ve already answered.

The Ultimate Guide To
Building your relationship

There Are 2 Ways You Can Buy The Book!

✅ You can email us support@jimhetherington.com and for $25 CDN I will autograph and mail it in Canada & the US. **Oversees upon request**

✅ Or buy the book through the BUY HERE button below.

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Want To hire Jim?

Jim is available to speak to your small group or large audience. He is able to gear his talks to young people to lead them through topics like dating, knowing your values, getting ready for marriage etc.

 For younger and older couples, Jim can lead a short discussion or a full day event that will bring fresh insights and tools that will help couples build stronger relationships. If it’s for your company or business you can count on Jim to research your market and deliver a talk that will inspire your team to achieve greater goals in their personal and professional life. His rates are specific to the group and is happy to discuss options with you to make things work.

If you are interested in hiring Jim, please contact at: support@jimhetherington.com

Customer Support

If you’re looking for customer support

Please email support@jimhetherington.com

We do our best to respond to customer service requests within 24 hours, We will do our absolute best to take care of you as we want to make sure you are happy and taken care of 100%!

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