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Discover New Heights
In All Your Relationships

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Everything we do in life involves relationships, from growing up in a family to school and working. Going to the corner cafe and ordering our favourite beverage is a relationship. We have to relate well, or at least nicely, to get what we want from that relationship.
When we are kids, we are friendly and polite, so we can get what we want from our parents or others. 
Even though relationships are vital to our existence, very little is done to help us develop good relationship skills. For the most part, it's necessary to figure things out ourselves. Think about romantic relationships, were you taught how to be a good partner? What about business or work relationships. You earned a degree, but did you learn the skills required to be a person who works well with others and whom others want to be around?
For the most part, we hope for the best as we go along in life. How's that been working for you?

I create unique programs designed to empower individuals and partners to create next-level success in both life and business.

Is It Possible To Maintain Balance 
Between Life And Business?

On the one hand everyone wants to enjoy a Happy Ever-after right? We all want to have meaningful relationships with a significant partner to share our life journey with. But its' hard word. And there are so many pressures sometimes with commitments and obligations. And there is so much we want to do. How can we make sense of it all?

Then on the other hand we want to excel in our career and be successful in our businesses. Howcan we possible be successful and maintain the valuable relationships that we want in life. Is there really room to have both? Is it possible to coexist with someone and have a quality relationship and succeed in business?

The Answer Is YES!!!





Know The Problem With Your
Marriage And Relationship

  There Are Many Problems Which People Keep Asking Me via Mails And Direct Messages Regarding Their Marriage and Relationship. And There Are Some Common Trait Found In All Of Them.
Some of those Are:
❌    People Think That Living Happy Even After Marriage Will Happen All By Itself.
❌   Couples Had A Hard Time Identifying Their Values (What They   Believe And How They Communicate).
❌   People Don't Realise They Are The Common Denominator In All   Their Relationships And That They Are The Only One They Can Control & Change.

Stop Pointing Fingers, 
Blaming & Guessing.
Take Responsibility &
Start Preparing For Your 
Best Relationship & 
Marriage Ever!!!
I Reveal More In My 
FREE Webinar


I help individuals and partners struggling with their relationships and identify the real causes of the problems and resolve them and get you living the happy ever-after you desire. 

During our time together we will look at the struggles or challenges you have. We'll also look at the goals you have and see how we how we can create an action plan so you can start getting the results you want.
You'll come away refreshed and
with clarity on some actionable steps to move you forward.

Identify The Problem In Your
Marriage And Relationship

There Are Many Problems That People Keep Asking Me About Via Email And Direct Messaging Regarding Their Marriage and Relationships. 

These Are Some Of The Common Traits Found In All Of Them:

❌    People Think That Living Happy Ever After in Marriage Will                         Happen  Automatically.
❌   Individuals and Couples Have A Hard Time Identifying Their Values,          Knowing What They Believe And How To Communicate Them.
❌   People Don't Realize They Are The Common Denominator In All                Their Relationships And That They Are The Only One They Can                  Control & Change. They Want To Blame Others.
This Is Where I Come In.
I Help You See The Blocks And Give You The Tools So You Can Live Your Dream Marriage And Enjoy Better Relationships Without All The Drama, Stress And Tension.
 You Will Be FREE To Focus On Your Life Goals.

Life is full of what I call "I Do" Commitments.
"I Do" want to be successful, "I Do" want to travel,
"I Do" want to go to school, "I Do" want to be happy.
The problem is all these commitments take time, energy and resources and they can start to compete with each other.
Soon we start to disappoint our boss, our clients, our partner and ourselves.
The question is how do you balance them out?
Book your 30 minute call with me and find out!
I help bring balance back to the "I Do" challenges.

As with all relationships a good marriage is all about the details. The little things are the big things.
Consistently and commitment are key.
That and not taking each other for granted will build a lasting relationship. 

Discover How I Have Been
Married For 39+ Years

Jim Is A Real Relationship Expert. He Has Been Married To His Wife, Mary, For 39+ Years. But Things weren't Easy For Jim Too. Soon After His Marriage, It All Began To Scatter. He Almost Gave Up On His Marriage.

But Instead Of Giving Up, He Studied, Hired Mentors And Grow Up As A Person And Then Made His Wife And Family A Priority.
And Today, He Manages His Life And Relationship Entirely Different.

Want To Know Exactly How I Got There. Keep Reading!

Discover How I Have Been
Married For 40Years

Jim is a Relationship Breakthrough Specialist. He has been married to his wife, Mary, for 40 Years. But things weren't Always easy for them. Ten years into their marriage, it all began to fall apart. They almost walked away from the Marriage.
Jim realized that he had a choice. He could walk away but instead of giving up he took responsibility for the condition the marriage was in and he studied, hired mentors and grew as a person and then made his wife and family a priority.

Want to know exactly how he got there? Keep reading!



Jim Hetherington is a Relationship Expert and is committed to empowering
individuals and partners to create next-level success in life, marriage and

Jim has been married to his wife Mary for 40 years and they enjoy travelling and new adventures. He has been a mentor for 34 years, he is also an
entrepreneur and business owner for the past 27 years and was a pastor for 23
years. So, it’s safe to say he is uniquely qualified to address and speak on many areas of relationship.

Invitations have been extended to Jim to speak nationally and internationally. He is a five-time author, and major networks like NBC, ABC, and Fox have featured him.

He strongly encourages people that they can have success in their business and career, and in their home life and romantic relationships. It doesn’t have to be either or, it can be both. There are four key area Jim takes people through- your relationship world, your physical world, your business/career world and your spiritual world. 

Jim show’s them how to achieve greater balance in all these key areas and maintain it throughout life through his books, webinars, seminars, training programs and group and one to one coaching.

See What Others Just Like You
Say About Jim

" Helped me see relationships in a whole new way"

Jim provided invaluable advice and insights on marriage that I had not previously
considered. His mentoring helped me better prepare to embark on a lifelong
journey together with my partner. I was surprised that no one else in my life had
challenged me to do this kind of inward reflection on the importance of
communication and mutual respect in a relationship.

– Aaron And Jessica

"I wish I knew these things when I was younger"

Anyone who has the privilege of working with Jim or listening to his teaching will
be encouraged.
 He highlighted the need for discussion around topics that aren’t communicated openly. 
It really put us in the right frame of mind and gave us a good foundation to build on moving forward in our marriage. 
Thanks for your guidance Jim.

– Trevor And Rebekah

"We have new confidence now that we've worked with Jim"

Hey, we are really excited to enter into this new chapter in our life. We wanted someone that could help us out in our new journey so, we got a hold of Jim and we are glad we did. He Helped us with topics like frustrations, finances and future goals. We enjoyed our time working with Jim and  we feel more confident getting married and building our life together.
We really recommend working with Jim.

– Sam And Karla

"A Mentor Is Someone Who Allows You To See Hope Inside Yourself" 
                                               ----  Oprah Winfrey

A mentor is someone who sees more talent and ability within you, than you see in yourself, and helps bring it out of you. Jim has been mentored by some of the major influential leaders of the present world.  Some of his mentors include :

Brian Tracy

Les Brown

Bob Proctor

Shared Stage With...

Jim has shared his knowledge with large and small audiences around the world.
He has given talks to corporate and business groups where he has taught on the importance of living a balanced life. Jim encourages his audiences that they can be successful in their careers and businesses and still have great relationships in every area of life; it doesn’t have to be either or.
Jim has also shared stage with some of the great influential people today. 

Rey Perez

" CEO & Founder of Multimedia Marketing & Event Promotions Company, AMP Productions"

Jack Canfield

"American author, motivational speaker, corporate trainer, and entrepreneur"

Ona Brown

"Success-ologist" who escorts individuals, teams, corporations, and non-profits on the journey to discovering how to excel beyond ...

And Many More....

Not Entirely Sure 
Where To Start 
To Finally Get Un-Stuck??

People ask me all the time
"Jim, can you show me how I can manage my relationships so I can make the most out of every area of my life?" 
And today I'm proud to say I can. 
Check out our top products to help you in life and business and learn how to make the most of every day and every relationship.

Not Entirely Sure Where To Get
Started To Finally Get 

People ask me all the time "Jim, can you show me how I can manage my relationship too for a full fledged life?" and today I'm proud to say I can. Check out our top products to grow your life and business the new modern day.

The Ultimate Guide To
Building Your Relationship

Jim has received multiple awards for his #1 best selling book. You can own this book for building a good and healthy relationship.

You Can Buy Your Signed Book Here:

Book Jim To Speak At Your Next Event And Give Your Audience The Best

Jim is available to speak to your small group or large audience. He is able to gear his talks to young people to lead them through topics like dating, knowing your values, getting ready for marriage etc.

For younger and older couples, Jim can lead a short discussion or a full day event that will bring fresh insights and tools that will help couples build stronger relationships. 

Your company or business can count on Jim to research your market and deliver a talk that will inspire your team to achieve greater goals in their personal and professional life.

“We were lucky enough to meet Jim at a time where we needed some insight on some struggles we were dealing with. We have had great conversations about relationships and how to handle some situations. His wisdom is genuine and heartfelt, and he encouraged us so much! We are so grateful to have met with him and through applying his advice, we were able to persevere through the challenges we had at hand. We look forward to working with him in the future and would recommend him to any couple struggling with an issue or just needing some guidance along the way.”

– Guillaume McMartin & Trish Taylor

– Guillaume McMartin & Trish Taylor

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